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Sugimoto Masato – Waremokou


So love this song when I heard it first time on NHK Kouhaku 2007.
Mommy, thank you so much.




マッチを擦れば おろしが吹いて
線香がやけに つき難(にく)い
さらさら揺れる 吾亦紅
ふと あなたの 吐息のようで…
盆の休みに 帰れなかった
俺の杜撰(ずさん)さ 嘆いているか
あなたに あなたに 謝りたくて
仕事に名を借りた ご無沙汰
あなたに あなたに 謝りたくて
山裾の秋 ひとり逢いに来た
ただ あなたに 謝りたくて

小さな町に 嫁いで生きて
ここしか知らない 人だった…
それでも母を 生き切った
俺、あなたが 羨ましいよ…
今はいとこが 住んでる家に
昔みたいに 灯りがともる
あなたは あなたは 家族も遠く
気強く寂しさを 堪えた
あなたの あなたの 見せない疵(きず)が
身に沁みて行く やっと手が届く
ばか野郎と なじってくれよ

親のことなど 気遣う暇に
後で恥じない 自分を生きろ
あなたの あなたの 形見の言葉
守れた試しさえ ないけど
あなたに あなたに 威張ってみたい
来月で俺 離婚するんだよ
そう、はじめて 自分を生きる

あなたに あなたに 見ていて欲しい
髪に白髪が 混じり始めても
俺、死ぬまで あなたの子供…


Lyrics: Chiaki Tetsuya
Music: Sugimoto Masato

As I strike a match, wind blows down from above
It’s awfully hard to light the incense stick
Burnets rustle in the wind
Like one of your casual sighs…
I couldn’t go back home during the Bon(2) holiday
Am I lamenting my carelessness?
I want to apologize to you, to you
I’ve used your reputation for work, it’s been a while
I want to apologize to you, to you
I’ve come alone to the foot of the mountain in autumn to see you
Just because I want to apologize to you

You married into a small town
And only knew this place…
But you were still able to live as a mother
I envy you so much…
Now, in my cousin’s home
A light burns like in the old days
For you, for you, your family was far away
And you bore loneliness with fierce courage
The pain that you, you, would not show
I feel it in my heart, I can finally reach you
Please rebuke this fool

I must take time to worry about my parents
And live a life I won’t be ashamed of later
The words you, you, left as a memento
I never even tried living up to them
I want to brag to you, to you, for once
I’m getting divorced next month
Yeah, I’ll live for myself for the first time

I want you, you, to watch over me
Even if my hair starts to turn white
I’ll be your child until the day I die…

1 – A burnet is a common Japanese plant that grows in autumn.
2 – Bon is a three day holiday where families reunite to pay respect to the departed spirits of their ancestors.
~From Quartet4.net~

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