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Ito Masaki hot scene Umineko (2004)


Yoshimitsu Morita’s Umineko — Inseparable, based on a bestseller about a woman in love with her husband’s brother, and named after the seagulls that follow fishermen’s boats above the waters of the Tsugaru Strait, Umineko is the story of fragile, kind-hearted, big city beauty Kaoru (Ito, along with the ubiquitous Yuko Takeuchi one of the rising stars of the genre) who marries gruff northern fisherman Kunikazu (Sato) and moves in with him and his equally aloof mother (Shiraishi, fondly remembered for her menacing turn as Meiko Kaji’s cackling fellow escapee in Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41). Soon she is up to her elbows in dried squid, but when her husband’s artistic younger brother (Nakamura) enters the scene and the two find they share a passion for Paul Klee, Kaoru tries to disentangle herself from Kunikazu’s nets, and the forbidden romance has tragic consequences.

This film was the stunningly beautiful Ito Masaki’s film debut, from where she went on to become the famous actress she is today, especially in TV dramas like Sapuri.

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