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Pinku movie XX Beautiful Beast (1995)

Beautiful Beast

Directed by:Toshiharu Ikeda
Genre:Thriller, Cat III, Japanese Erotic movie
Runtime:86 min
Subtitles:English Hardsub
Size: 703.80 MB

Kaori Shimamura is the beautiful beast in this Japanese “breasts and bullets” thriller, playing a Chinese assassin in Japan assigned to take out a yakuza boss and his associates. Along the way she falls in love with the ex-yakuza barman who becomes her guardian angel, bonds with a young Chinese woman trapped in a life of sexual slavery, and finally tracks down the vicious thug who murdered her little sister. Like the Zero Woman films, Beautiful Beast is directed with a terse, tight, grimly serious style, and a soiled morality and doomed fate underlie the mix of slick violence, hot erotic interludes, and unsettling sadism. It’s enough to lift the film above the morass of Japanese feral femme thrillers, if just barely.

XX Beautiful Beast (1995) part 1
XX Beautiful Beast (1995) part 2
XX Beautiful Beast (1995) part 3
XX Beautiful Beast (1995) part 4
XX Beautiful Beast (1995) part 5

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