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Japan Pinku Eiga: IKU (2000)


Country: Japan
Released Date: 2000
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English | Chinese
Genre: Adult | Drama | Pinku | Japanese V-Cinema | Vシネマ
Video Format | Size: AVI | 645M

In 20xx, GENOM Corporation (GENOM Inc), a Japanese multinational corporation that handles information technology and genomes research, is struggling in the research of the orgasm coder. At last GENOM Inc succeeds in producing the newest orgasm coder replicant and becomes a worldwide leader in the field of pornography. The coders are the replicants in the digital generation that have been created making full use of the most advanced seven clone technologies developed by Dr. Tenma of GENOM Inc. The Replicants were born with a mission to collect I.K.U. (orgasm) data.
The trendy sex style in 20xx is “Assist Sex”, in which people gain sexual pleasure using tools or attain orgasm virtually. People prefer it rather than physical friction. Realizing this, GENOM Inc collected orgasm data from those who have primitive sexual abilities to build up a huge database fro “I.K.U.”, and have succeeded in making a fortune.

IKU (2000) p1
IKU (2000) p2
IKU (2000) p3
IKU (2000) p4

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