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Brazil, Portugal erotic movie Call Girl (2007)

Brazil, Portugal erotic movie: Call girl

Call Girl (2007)

This film tells us a story of high-society prostitution, corruption, power and money, but it is essentially a good portrait of Portuguese society nowadays! The plot is very well conceived and “touches” in some “crucial points” which are “rotten” in our society… We all know that money and sex are the “things” that make the world turn around, and this movie proves it clearly!

The plot is about the president of a little village, in the south Portugal between Alentejo and the Algarve, and a touristic project that he didn’t want to approve because it would cause a major impact on the local environment. But behind this project there was an important multinational with too much power and they don’t want to give up from the project, because there’s too much money involved… so they use a dirty way to “catch him”: They contract a high-society call girl, Maria (played by Soraia Chaves), to seduce the President Meireles (played by Nicolau Breyner) and control him to the point of making him sign the project. Beautiful as she is, Meireles was caught from the first moment! He didn’t resist, as expected! Beside, from the beginning of the plot, we also follow two detectives of Polícia Judiciaria, Madeira (Ivo Canelas) and Neves (Jose Raposo) that, by chance, get noticed of this crime of corruption and start investigating. The result you will see in the end of the movie… That’s why this country is like it is!

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