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Tokyo Decameron (Pinku movie)

Tokyo Decameron (1996)

Tokyo Decameron (1996)

Directed by:Koichi Kobayashi
Genre: Drama, Pinku, V-cinema, Erotica
Runtime:88 min

A collection of three erotic and/or disturbing stories. In the first, “Two Women Named Marika,” one of the titular women has been a slave to the other’s desire for years. As their story unfolds, the history of the relationship is disclosed. In the next story, “Lesbian Dream,” the said dream of five women on vacation is halted when they find a dead body. The last story, “The Man in the Pillory,” is about the revenge a sister takes on the man who drove her sibling to suicide. Another fascinatingly bizarre release from Asia Pulp Cinema.

Pinku movie Tokyo Decameron (1996) p1
Pinku movie Tokyo Decameron (1996) p2
Pinku movie Tokyo Decameron (1996) p3
Pinku movie Tokyo Decameron (1996) p4
Pinku movie Tokyo Decameron (1996) p5
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Pinku movie Tokyo Decameron (1996) p7
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