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Pinku Movie Hellish Love (1972)

Hellish Love (1972)

Country: Japanese
Released Date: 1972
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English | Chinese
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: AVI | 716M

An unemployed young samurai, working meantime as an umbrella maker, meets the young daughter of a wealthy and powerful samurai, and falls head over heels for her. He visits her at home, and the father finds out. The father scorns this courtship, and tells the young samurai to stay away from his daughter and his house. Both the young mistress and he are distraught and in her grief she commits suicide (that’s what it looks like to me, it is also possible she dies, getting ill after being out in a storm, but this is not clear in the film) and visits him a couple of nights later during the o-bon festival (the festival of the dead) they consummate their love, and she leaves vanishing into the fog.

The neighbour of the samurai alerts him that the girl is a ghost, after which he takes steps to protect his house from her. The young mistress visits again and is unable to attain entry to the house. So her maid bribes the frightened neighbours into removing the charms from the young samurai’s house.

The ghost returns another night and enters the house with ease, the nosy neighbour is terrified when he sees the two making love, this time for the last time as the couple walk off into the fog. The greedy neighbour and his wife fight over the bribe money they have obtained, in an amazing display of selfishness and greed.

Pinku movie Hellish Love (1972)

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