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Hong Kong Cat III Trilogy of Lust 1 (1995)

Trilogy of Lust 1 (1995)

Director :He Chi Chiang, Julie Lee Wah Yet
Cast: Julie Lee Wah Yet, Chan Wai Dik, So Gwok Chue, Wan Seung Lam, Yau Wai Fong, …
Country: Hong Kong
Released Date: 1995
Language: German
Subtitles: Chinese
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: AVI | 710M
Running time: 83 mins

After getting kicked out of med school for cheating, Yik-sang makes a living as a fisherman on one of Hong Kong’s outlying islands. Desperate for female companionship, Yik-sang buys a Mainland bride named Chi (Lee). An intellectual who suffered through hell during the Cultural Revolution, Chi believes that the worst of her life is over. Yet when she is subjected to Yik-sang’s bizarre medical examinations and his fiery temper tantrums, she realizes that she is mistaken. She finds solace in the arms of hunky vegetable salesman Un (Chan Wai-dik) and soon they are having regular trysts amid masses of writhing eels. When Yik-sang’s aunt tries to blackmail them, Un kills her and disposes of the body. Soon other bodies start piling up.

Softcore actress-turned-producer Julie Lee Wah-yuet is back with another foray into erotic horror. By day Linda (Lee) is a foul-tempered executive at a toy factory whom her co-workers have dubbed “the Spinster.” By night, she seduces young men and after a round of rough sex kills them in a variety of imaginative ways. She usually keeps a nose or an ear as a souvenir of her exploits. When not stalking men, she regularly burns herself with cigarettes and masturbates with hairbrushes. Linda’s serious emotional issues stem from a brutal gang rape at the hands of her cousin and his friends. Linda’s continued venom toward a female employee prompts the woman to cajole a fellow co-worker into seducing her as a part of a plan to bilk Linda out of a stack of money. Instead, the plan only sets the stage for more murder. Julie Lee reportedly attempted suicide soon after this film was released.
Hong Kong Cat III trilogy of Lust

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