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Pinku Angel of Darkness 4 (1996)

Country: Japan
Released Date: 1996
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: AVI | 717M

Based on the anime bearing the same name, this ANGEL OF DARKNESS is the fourth title of five live action movies that retell the strange and erotic tale of the demon invasion at a Japanese university. Here, Seika College is once again invaded by a sex mad demon, only this time it may be in the form of a shy young girl named Izumi. Often picked on by her fellow students, Izumi’s father tries to help his daughter come out of her shell by hiring the beautiful Sakiko Katsuragi as a housekeeper with the intention of becoming her friend. Little does he know that Sakiko has taken the job because she wants to reclaim her lost demon daughter.

They said strange things happened around her. They said she was dangerous. They said she was a demon. Now naive little Izumi is about to uncover the truth behind her life of lies… Constantly bullied by all the other students at Seika College, timid little Izumi never tries to fight back. Her lifelong friend Toru does his best to defend her from the bullies, but even he’s beginning to have doubts about her. Desperate to help his daughter, Izumi’s father hires the beautiful Sakiko Katsuragi to pose as a housekeeper and become his daughter’s confidant. But when Izumi is assaulted by priests and one of them ends up dead, the whole situation goes from bad to worse! To top everything off, Sakiko has her own hidden agenda – she’s there to reclaim her demon daughter – Izumi! Has Izumi’s entire life been nothing but a lie? Is she really a child of a diabolical sex driven demon? Now it’s up to Izumi and Toru to uncover the real truth, but the answers may cost them both their souls…

Pinku Angel of Darkness 4 (1996)

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