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Naked Poison 1 (Hong Kong Cat III)

Naked Poison 1 (2000)

Country: Hong Kong
Released Date: 2000
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: AVI | 714M
Director: Chin Man Kei
Actors: Samuel Leung, Gwennie Tam, Sophie Ngan Chin Man, Leung Cheuk Moon

Doctor Kim recognizes that Chinese medicine can be used for both good and evil, refusing to let grandson Min follow in his footsteps. But Min is already secretly reading Kim’s journals at night and when a snakebite kills the doctor, he begins his revenge on everyone who bullies him: his office boss, Peter Chan, the boss’s mistress Winnie Wong, and the neighbors – the Fais – who have some kind of problem with him peeping at them having sex. He formulates a venom-based aphrodisiac that not only make women hot for the nearest man at hand – invariably Min – but also wipes their memory in the morning. Meanwhile Min begins a romance with office girl Ling after rescuing her from Peter’s advances, but its hard to bring her back for a coffee when the sex-starved neighbors are chained up at home.
Hong Kong Cat III Naked Poison 1 (2000)

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