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The Intimate | Aein | Lover (2006)

2011/02/12 4 comments

The Intimate | Aein | Lover (2006)

Country: South Korea
Released Date: 2006
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English | Chinese
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: AVI | 717MB
Runtime: 90 mins
Cast: Dong-hyuk Jo, Ye-ryeong Kim, Hyeon-a Seon

Sung Hyun Ah (The Scarlet Letter, Cello) her lover has never taken a dangerous risk in her life. She has been for seven years and is going to get married next month. One day she meets a handsome stranger, who asked her to spend one day with him. It might be a mistake to accept his proposal, but over the next day she will experience a level of excitement and intimacy, she has never experienced before, and this could change her life all of sudden.

The nature of liking someone vs. being truly committed in love with another person is explored in this film.
The Intimate | Aein | Lover (2006)

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Green Chair (2005) Korean Cat III movie

2011/02/12 2 comments

Green Chair (2005)

When an ordinary housewife is convicted for seducing a minor, reckless love leads to obsession and creeping doubt.
Cheol-su Park
Chul-soo Park, Jun-han Kim
Jung Suh, Ji-ho Shim and Yun-hong Oh
Year: 2005
Gern: Adult, Erotic, Cat III
Of all the Asian film industries, the Koreans are probably the best at making erotic dramas, well, erotic. In comparison, Hong Kong erotic films look more like what not to do during sex (watching Hong Kongers fake sex on screen is like watching a diabetic twitching from seizures), and the Japanese’s idea of sex onscreen invariably involves bondage, torture, abduction, or a combination of all three. With movies like “Summertime”, “The Sweet Sex and Love”, and now “Green Chair”, it becomes less of a question of how does the Koreans do erotic so well, but rather why everyone else can get it so wrong. Haven’t these people ever had sex before?

The first 30 or so minutes of Cheol-su Park’s “Green Chair” is all about sex. The act of having sex, the preparations for sex, and the aftermath of sex. Rinse and repeat. The rest of the film’s 90-minute running time is spent with older woman Mun-hee (Jung Suh, “The Isle”), who is 32, and younger man Hyeon (Ji-ho Shim), who is 19, as they try to understand what’s happening between them. Things are made more difficult in the aftermath of Mun-hee’s stint in prison for having sex with Hyeon, since by Korean law a person under the age of 20 is still a minor. The film is purposefully muddled about when Mun-hee and Hyeon began their relationship, but it’s insinuated that he was old enough to make his own decisions, which would put him at 18 or 19, more than adult age by every other nation’s standards.
Green Chair (2005) Korean Cat III movie

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Jan Dara 2 (Thailand Cat III movie)

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Jan Dara 2 (Thailand Cat III movie)

Jan Dara 2 (Thailand Cat III movie)

Directed: Ong-Arg Singlampong
Cast: Watchra Thungkaprasert, Sorapong Chatri, Helen Nima
Country: Thailand
Released Date: 2004
Language: Thai
Subtitles: Viet (hardsub), Chinese and Korean Subs
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: AVI | 689M
Running time: 100 mins
Jan Dara 2 (Thailand Cat III movie)

College Love Story Thailand Erotic Movie

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College Love Story Thailand Erotic Movie

Size : 614 MB
Resolution : 352×288
Duration : 01:00:50
Country: Thailand

How was your life in college? Sex and party, doesn’t it? Let’s see 2 couples in this movie that serve you with double erotic sex scene. You will know this is the sexual activity that you looking for.
College Love Story

Erotica movie Lessons of the Flesh (2005)

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Erotica: Lessons of the Flesh (2005)

Release Date: 2005 (Philippines)
Cast: Asia Agcaoili, Briana Blanco, Maricar Dela Fuente, …
Size: 701MB (735428608 bytes)
Video: DivX 5 648×472 29.97fps 1061Kbps [Video 0]
Video size: 648 x 472
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps [Audio 1]
Length: 01:21:37

Keep the fire burning. No one wants a swift climax. But how to keep the flicker and not let the passion wither? After the smashing success of Sex Guru, hotbabe Asia Agcaoili returns with a hot new lesson plan. This provocative follow-up will satisfy those urges you’ve always wanted to express but simply to shy to expose. Learn new stuff such as Kegels, pelvic stretches, the Butterfly and other “sexercise” guaranteed to improve your sexual performance. Master the art of ancient positions such as the canine connection, the pretzel logic, the T and Yawning that will put a new spin to your sexual reverie. Discover new ways to fiddle with gadgets and tinker with “G spots”. Its an explosive curriculum from start to finish.
Erotica movie Lessons of the Flesh (2005)

She Xin (Korean Cat III)

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She Xin (Korean Cat III)

Country: South Korea
Released Date: 2004
Language: Korean
Subtitles: NA
Genre: Adult | Drama
Video Format | Size: RMVB | 574M
Plot: NA
She Xin (Korean Cat III)

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Kissing a Dream (American Erotic movie)

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Kissing a Dream (1996)
Disenchanted with her job and cheating husband, an ad copywriter places a personal ad for a lover that is quickly answered. What begins as a torrid and passionate liaison turns into an exercise in dangerous obsession.
Starring: Erin Lanza, Stephen Michael Pace, Tracy Dali
Director: Eric Gibson
Genres: Thriller

Kissing a Dream (1996) p1
Kissing a Dream (1996) p2
Kissing a Dream (1996) p3
Kissing a Dream (1996) p4
Kissing a Dream (1996) p5
Kissing a Dream (1996) p6
Kissing a Dream (1996) p7
Kissing a Dream (1996) p8

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