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Remains Of A Woman (Hong Kong Cat III – 1993)

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Remains Of A Woman (1993)

Remains Of A Woman (1993)

Country: Hong Kong
Released Date: 1993
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English | Chinese
Genre: Adult | Drama | Cat III
Video Format Size: RMVB | 314M
Director: Clarence Ford
Cast: Carrie Ng Ka-Lai, James Pax, Loretta Lee, …

A powerful and unpredictable suspense drama about three ordinary people thrown together on a collision course to tragedy. Based on a true story. [from the Tai Seng Catalog] The first Cat III movie to win a major award in HK, the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress went to Carrie Ng. American Chinese Billy Chan is a handsome, loathsome, manipulative, and they’re just his good qualities ! No wonder he has three luscious women competing for his attention. Lisa is an air hostess who supplies him with cocaine. Judy Yu has just lost her husband (who ran off to Japan with his girlfriend), and moves in next door to Billy and Lisa. Then there’s bible student Annie Cheung, who visits both Billy and Judy in prison, where they await trial, not for murder, but disrespect of a corpse (Lisa, in whose murder they are the chief suspects). Prosecutor K S “Mel” Wong keeps dreaming about the murdered girl, and starts questioning those involved, and says “Sorry, no deals” a lot. The same story, with a different treatment, was used in the film Legal Innocence.

Remains Of A Woman (Hong Kong Cat III – 1993) Part 1
Remains Of A Woman (Hong Kong Cat III – 1993) Part 2

Hong Kong cat III movie Spirit of Love – Loletta Lee (1993)

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Spirit of Love - Loletta Lee (1993)

Year :1993
Runtime :100 minute
Language Cantonese
Category III(Hong Kong)
Present Golden Harvest (HK) Film-Type Feature Film
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Erotic movie
Rating: Cat III (Hong Kong)
Director: Jamie Luk Kim-Ming
Producer: Chua Lam
Cast: Rachel Lee Lai-Chun, Poon Jan-Wai, Lam Wai

Loletta Lee plays a model who, judging by her lavish home, is making a fortune doing TV commercials. When her boyfriend/boss comes over and tries to get romantic, Loletta begins seeing weird and scary visions. Visions of blood flooding her floor, and a three year old boy ghost. It seems that, three years earlier, she was pregnant and caught her husband (Poon Chan Wai) athletically knocking off a blonde. Husband kicked her down the stairs, which causes her to abort. The ghost is evidently the aborted baby grown up. Back to the present day, hubby has teamed up with a new girl (Joanna Chan), and is trying to get back into the house and kidnap the boy ghost.

Spirit of Love part 1
Spirit of Love part 2
Spirit of Love part 3
Spirit of Love part 4

Hong Kong cat III movie Girls Unbutton – Loletta Lee (1994)

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Girls Unbutton - Loletta Lee (1994)

Girls Unbutton - Loletta Lee (1994)

Year: 1994
Director: Taylor Wong Tai-Loi
Cast: Loletta Lee Lai-Chun, Ng Miu-Yi, Leung Si-Ho, Siu Chung-Hang, Tsui Kam-Kong, Hung Yuk-Lan, Yeung Yuk-Mui, Yau Kwok-Leung
Gerne: Cat III, Adult, Erotic movie
Runtime: 89 mins
Country: Hong Kong

To show her love for her current boyfriend, Jenny prepares a meal for him. But when he arrives, thinking that he wanted sex before food, Jenny offers herself and the two have a romp that results in a food-covered floor.

However, the reason for the boyfriend showing up is that he wants to end the relationship as he feels that Jenny frequently lies in order to please him. To take her mind off the break-up, she goes to the beach with two of her friends. Being feisty, she gets into a brawl with local gangster chief, Elvis Tsui, and the two develop an attraction for each other.

Such films are sometimes helped by a sparkling script but the dialogue here is too pedestrian. Even the parody of Hong Kong politicians is flat. But thanks to the fast-forward button, Girls Unbutton becomes a “watchable” film.

Hong Kong cat III movie Girls Unbutton part 1
Hong Kong cat III movie Girls Unbutton part 2
Hong Kong cat III movie Girls Unbutton part 3
Hong Kong cat III movie Girls Unbutton part 4

Crazy Love – Loletta Lee (Hong Kong Cat III)

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Crazy love - Loletta Lee 
Loletta Lee 

Year: 1993
Director: Roman Cheung Shui-Lun
Producer: Clifton Ko Chi-Sum
Run Time: 80 minutes
Gerne: Comedy | Cat III | Adult | Erotic
Subtitles: English
Writer: Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu, Roman Cheung Shui-Lun
Cast: Loletta Lee Lai-Chun, Poon Jan-Wai, Shing Fui-On, Tommy Wong Kwong-Leung, Joh Chung-Sing.


Loletta Lee goes Category III in this sleazy romp about a young girl and her discoveries about love, sex, and how it imparts on the subtle, empowering exhortations of her soul. Blah, blah, blah. In actuality, this uninspired romantic comedy is just lightweight fluff about Jane (Loletta Lee), who skips her overseas trip to school and hikes around Hong Kong. Along the way, she plays voyeur, is nearly assaulted, fools a couple of ugly older men (Shing Fui-On and Tommy Wong, who thankfully don’t get involved in any Cat III action), and meets a really nice guy (Poon Jan-Wai). And sleeps with him.

However, it’s not all wine and roses. The nice guy proceeds to think she’s some sort of a slut, which isn’t too far from the truth. However, that’s if you subscribe to rigid societal definitions of “right” and “wrong.” And, in the wonderful world of Crazy Love, it’s okay to sleep around if you’re having fun. Who cares about diseases? And besides, the girl is Loletta Lee, so the “nice guy” is obviously crazy for giving her a hard time. A word of advice: count your blessings, pal. And advice for all those potential viewers: this movie is far from good. But, Loletta Lee appears naked, so any protest will likely be in vain. Well-regarded director-producer Clifton Ko Chi-Sum helped make this movie. Bet he’s proud of himself.

Crazy Love part 1
Crazy Love part 2
Crazy Love part 3
Crazy Love part 4